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In the video above, Hazha Jalal, manager of the tablet's section of the Sulaymaniyah Museum talks (in Kurdish) about the new discovery, saying (in translation  "The tablet dates back to the Neo-Bablyonian period, BCE. It is a part of tablet V of the epic. It.

We are honored to house this tablet and anyone can visit the Museum during its opening hours from 8:30 morning to noon. The entry is free for you and your guests. Thank you." In the meantime, if you've got a few minutes to spare, you.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest narratives in the world, got a surprise update last month when the. Sulaymaniyah Museum in the Kurdistan region of Iraq announced that it had discovered 20 new lines of the Babylonian-Era poem of gods, mortals, and monsters. Since.

Wear usa how to buff video
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20 New Lines from The Epic of Gilgamesh Discovered in Iraq

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Via The History Blog Related content: Hear the Worlds Oldest Instrument, the Neanderthal Flute, Dating Back Over 43,000 Years. Hear the Seikilos Epitaph, the Oldest Complete Song in the World: An Inspiring Tune from 100 BC. Hear Homers Iliad Read in the Original Ancient Greek.

Gilgamesh and his companion Enkidu are shown to feel guilt over killing Humbaba, the guardian of the cedar forest, who is now seen as less a monster and more a king. Just like a good directors cut, these extra scenes clear up some muddy character.

Professor Farouk Al-Rawi examined the collection while the seller haggled with museum official Abdullah Hashim. When Al-Rawi saw this tablet, he told Hashim to pay whatever the seller wanted: 800. Thats a pretty good deal for these extra lines that not only add to the.

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Look - Wear usa how to buff video video

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