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From the makers of the sonic skin cleansing brush, the new Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System claims to apply serum to the delicate eye area in a way that is more effective and absorbent than just using a finger. But is it worth the extra time—and the price tag?

How does the Clarisonic Opal work?

The Clarisonic Opal uses similar sonic technology as the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.

According to the website,it Opal provides more than 7,500 micro massages per minute.

To use, you fill the applicator well with the provided sea serum, turn on, and rotate around the eye area (being careful not to get any in your eye), for 30 seconds per eye.

How did the Clarisonic Opal perform?

The gentle tapping motion of the Clarisonic Opal is refreshing. Does it send more than 7,500 micro massages in under a minute? I'm not sure, but intuitively it makes sense. As women, we've been taught to gently tap on our under eye moisturizer and this does the work for us.

I did find it initially challenging to figure out the right amount of serum to use. When I didn't have enough, the Opal tugged at my eye area in a way that didn't feel pleasant. When I used to much, I could feel the serum sitting on top of my skin. Ultimately, I err on the side of too much--if that's the case, I simply use it for another 30 seconds.

Did the Clarisonic Opal live up to its promise?

The Clarisonic Opal is said to "Immediately hydrates, leaving eye area feeling refreshed and energized" and, when used regularly, "improve the appearance of fine lines and minimize dark circles." After one using, it does leave the eye area feeling awake and pleasantly tingly.

After using it for about a month, I am starting to see the fine lines under my eyes are receding a bit.

Who is the Clarisonic Opal right for?

Given its 0+ price tag, I would say the Clarisonic Opal is right for the woman who is committed to fighting aging. It's a nice luxury, with proven results, but it's not a necessary addition to your routine. I keep mine in my coffee table and use it at night when I'm watching T.V.

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Review: Clarisonic Opal
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