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Paint a line across of the lightest color, then the next darkest, and finally the darkest. Then, apply this directly to your nail like a stamp. Blot it until the nail is completely covered. The final step is to place a clear coat of polish.

In nails, the goal is to see a changing pattern. Your nails will go from one color to another color in a slow morphing process. It's fantastic and beautiful when done well. You can create ombre nails yourself, though the process can be a bit.

'Ombre' means 'shaded' in the French word. It refers to anything that starts out one color and then slowly morphs into another color. Mostly, in hair style and nail design as well. Read More One of the more popular nail styles seen today is ombre.

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You can use ombre nails in a variety of ways including with various colors, diagonal positioning, and much more. Less.

The goal will be to layer the colors over each other applying them with a makeup sponge. The base color will usually be white or a light color to create the ombre look. When applying white, you'll have a more vibrant color. After you've allowed.

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Watch - Pink light stiletto nails video
Watch - Pink light stiletto nails video

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