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Caught on Film

Jul 15, 2009

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of my favorite things about older movies is the fashion. I'm not talking old, old movies, but rather some of my favorites from the somewhat recent past. Despite how much I love current trends, sometimes it get so old seeing the same looks repeated over and over again on runways, blogs and fashion magazines. Which is why there is something so refreshing about watching a movie from a while back, and still loving the way that the characters wore the clothes. I'm reminded of all the different ways there are to dress—there is so more to a wardrobe than gladiator sandals and straw fedoras! So, without further hesitation, I would like to initiate my Top 10 Stylish Actresses/Characters List.

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Today will be dedicated to one of my all time favorites: Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwen has gone a little bit off the deep end these days (anyone read her GOOP newsletter besides me?), but in her heydey she had some great looks, on and off-screen.

One: I love, love loved her inGreat Expectations. That green jersey outfit she wore when she met Pip at the water fountain was insanely chic. I wouldn't normally think to wear a monochrome outfit, but it works so well here:

Two:Sliding Doors. I still think about the black dress she wore in the restaurant opening scene, with roses woven into her hair. I know, you can't really see it here, but it's so simple, but so gorgeous, especially with her hair like this.

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